Why Is Self-Correction Important to Self-Love?

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Learning to love oneself takes self-correction.

Whenever we think of self-love, we think about doing things like,

  • prioritizing oneself
  • being true to oneself
  • being nice to oneself
  • setting boundaries
  • forgiving oneself
  • saying "no"
  • taking a nap
  • taking a walk
  • breathing deeply
  • sitting in stillness
  • eating nutritiously
  • emotional regulation
  • making a gratitude list
  • connecting with friends
  • communicating honestly with others

These acts of self-care are all part of growing one's self-love. Engaging in routine self-care has been clinically proven to assist in reducing depression, anxiety, stress, frustration, and anger while increasing happiness and energy and leading to better relationships. When one is in this state of taking care of one's own needs, one is, for example, more appreciative of life. One is taking responsibility for their own health and wellbeing which promotes more self-love.

But how do we take action when we are busy with our family and work, or caught up in ruminating thoughts that keep us absent from the present moment?


Self-correction is simply the process of correcting oneself (in the present moment) when things begin to go wrong, without outside help or external instructions. By being in the present moment of now, this is where you will have conscious thought of what to do next.

How do you self-correct? When you are lost in thought or "mindless" which means that you are not in the present moment, you need to find an effective strategy to get present so that you can self-correct rather than go into that state of emotional overdrive which then is a spiral downhill through your nervous system and into a negative vibrational frequency.

Learning how to be mindful is important to the self-correction process. If you are mindless and lost in thought (such as thinking about the next task(s), the next call(s), the next appointment(s)), you will not be present enough to know what to do next to stay in a higher vibrational frequency of self-love.

With 10+ years of experience, she coaches and educates women to live positively. She serves as a life coach/consultant for women’s empowerment and wellness. Her clients are spread all over Canada, including North Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, and the surrounding areas.

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