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Desiree Leigh Thompson, BSN RN MSN, is an entrepreneur, academic, mentor, coach, and published author of three newly released books: 

Healing Worthlessness: Coming into Self-Love as a Trauma Survivor (Friesen Press)

Midlife Redesigned: Women Reshaping their Future by Leveraging the Power of their Heart (Balboa Press, A Division of Hay House)

The Worthy Woman Workbook: How to Build Lasting Self-Worth for Survivors (Balboa Press, A Division of Hay House)

She is passionate, driven, candid, and the creator of Desiree Leigh Coaching. As a Personal Leadership and Lifestyle Redesign Coach, Desiree focuses on women in midlife who are burnt out and tired of the rat race and are seeking to establish more meaning, fulfillment, and purpose in the next phase of their lives.

Midlife brings a lot of new challenges, but it can also bring a lot of new beginnings. With Desiree Leigh Coaching, women learn to reconnect with themselves, let go of the past, and consciously reinvent a new life by leveraging the power of an open heart.

With Desiree's 15+ years of personal life coaching, 10+ years in academia and learned practical science-based skills as well as her metaphysical, mystical, and meditation studies and personal divine experiences, she coaches and educates women from a broad range of modalities to support women to enrich their lives so they can positively impact others and leave a legacy they are proud of.

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