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"When you know your worth, you won't let anyone else determine it."

I started Desiree Leigh Coaching in 2007 because I wanted women to Wake Up to Live! I wanted women to become conscious of their circumstances and the social norms that promoted the oppression, violence, and sexualization of women. I wanted them to wake up to live their lives fully and consciously, leading change from the heart so they could positively impact their personal lives, others, and society at large.

I wanted women to know their worth and to own their worth! This meant that women had to clean up the messes (whether from childhood trauma, sexual assault, or partner violence) to open their hearts and unveil their truth. Wake Up to Live was the name of my first blog, and I still have it today.

For years, I lived beneath the shadows of chronic childhood trauma, emotional neglect, and two sexual assaults (12, 16). With that, I went on to suffer from several self-destructive behaviors such as anxiety and depression, complex post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, substance abuse, dissociation, and suicide ideation forever trying to hide myself from the shame and self-loathing I felt. I finally came to a point in my life where I had to change because suicide was imminent. I was divinely inspired to heal my past, and that’s when the long journey began.

As I healed, I wrote, I created, and I got myself educated. I proved to myself that it’s never too late to escape the legacy of abuse and trauma and change your life for good! I went from a 15-year-old teenage couch surfer and high-school dropout feeling lost, alone, and confused to achieving my Master's graduate degree, writing three books, and building a successful business.

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