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    “So many words resonate with me. I feel a sense of relief . . . that I tapped into something wondrous. Here is someone who can understand others, see beyond the chaos of emotions and make sense of the human condition . . . She is a ‘human’ angel.”

    Surinder Bassan, Vancouver, BC, Insurance Manager
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    “Desiree is a highly intuitive and compassionate coach. She’s lived through tough times herself and knows that the process of healing is not always easy or fun. Like me, she is a straight shooter and her honesty and authentic spirit shine through everything she does. Desiree is creative in her approach to her work, and she has a great sense of humour too. I can’t recommend her enough.”

    Valerie Gregory, Vancouver, BC, Writer, Editor, Film Critic, Digital Content Strategist, Educator
  • Testimonials

    “I had been looking for a coach that would help me not only in my business and entrepreneurial path but with a spiritual background and holistic approach to success and Desiree is really fantastic. She is very thoughtful and creative to help assist me in my goals, my emotions, and my grounding in order to succeed and feel balanced along the way. Highly recommended!”

    Lisa O’Connell, Mexico, Owner-Sun-Kissed Living
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    “Desiree is a bright, shining star. Full of life, bursting with a warm heart and full of love. Present, calm and assured. She helped me to see the ‘real me’ and called me forth to step boldly into the true radiant light of ‘Who I am’. I felt totally taken care of and felt ‘seen’ in dealing with struggle between what I thought the world expected of me and honouring my True Self. Thank you, Desiree, for all that you are and all that you bring to this world. Thank you for mentoring me.”

    Gord MacKay, Vancouver, BC
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    “Desiree has a very gentle and loving way about her, with an endless supply of compassion. Desiree asks powerful questions to help me get focused on the bottom-line issues of my life. I was successful in making and implementing a plan on these important issues.”

    Sharon, H.W., Vancouver, BC
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    “I didn’t even know where to start with so much going on in my life. Desiree was warm and supportive and was able to shine the light on what was at the root of my procrastination through a series of powerful questions. I feel happier and inspired.”

    Kimberley, Alta, Realtor
  • Testimonials

    “Desiree brings an open heart and listening ear to her coaching sessions. She is intuitive and willing to help you explore what is important to you. She encourages you to do “The Work” and will assist you in finding what you truly want.”

    C.H., Vancouver, BC

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