Midlife Redesigned Podcast

Midlife is the time when you realize that your life is likely halfway complete which can bring about existential questioning related to one’s identity and purpose, such as “Who am I truly at this point in my life?” and “What is my purpose at this stage?” Thus, midlife is a critical turning point in a woman’s life for critical self-examination.

Join Desiree Leigh Thompson BSN RN MSN, the host of Midlife Redesigned, both solo and with quality guests, for real conversations about midlife and beyond with today’s thought-leaders and top industry experts in health and wellness to share their wisdom and expertise designed to guide, inspire, empower, and support women to be their best self.


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Trailer Midlife Redesigned Trailer


The Midlife Redesigned Trailer outlines who Desiree Leigh Thompson is and who she loves to serve. Find out why midlife is a critical turning point in a woman’s life for critical self-examination.

The Divine Message that Saved my Life


If Desiree didn't receive this message from the divine, she may not be here today. She owes it all to her practice which has supported her in making many life's decision. In the podcast, find out what Desiree does to be open to receive such divine messages.

We All Need to Wake Up Now!


When we are asleep, we are not conscious to our true sense of Self or of who we genuinely are. We live from a veil of lies, distorted beliefs and perceptions, that we've acquired from our upbringing and the social norms or the ideologies we've been indoctrinated into. There is also a bigger agenda to why the elites want the masses to remain asleep. Come listen to Desiree to understand the importance of waking up now.

Why Is Psychological Healing So Important?


Have you been bypassing healing emotional and mental trauma because society tosses the term around, normalizing it and saying that you don't need to for the reasons that it happened so long ago, or because you think you're doing "just fine"? I can tell you one thing for certain, if you haven't done the work, you are making decisions and having emotional reactions based on the trauma experience. Learn why healing is so important to psychological health and wellbeing.

Women Reshaping Their Future by Leveraging the Power of Their Heart


Desiree talks about her new book Midlife Redesigned: Women Reshaping Their Future by Leveraging the Power of Their Heart. Midlife Redesigned book makes you wonder if you are fulfilling your dreams and goals as you approach midlife. Are you paying attention to this new stage of life, and do you really know how you want to lead it? Listen to Desiree's passion about designing a life you want to live into. Desiree also talks about a new special release, which is close to her heart, based on how to build lasting self-worth.

Your Comfort Zone is Killing You


Your comfort zone might not be as comfortable as you think it is. Find out how your comfort zone can be a form of self-care when done appropriately, but it can also be a place that is psychologically killing you. Discover what you need to do before you end up with regret.

How Type-A Personalities Are Similar to Survivors of Unresolved Trauma and What You Should Do to Find Out if This is True for You


It is difficult to stay on top of your health when you are a high-achieving, driven woman, but have you considered if there is something more to this way of living. High achieving Type A women have a lot of similarities to survivors of unresolved trauma. They both live in the stress-response cycle. Being filled with adrenaline on a daily basis can compromise a woman’s health especially as she approaches or is in midlife. Find out what the stress response is, how it impacts our health, and whether you are a Type A or a survivor so you can better connect with your health and heart.

Why We Are So Short on Time and What We Should Be Doing About It


We all struggle with time. We’ve all heard ourselves saying, “There isn’t enough time to get things done.” “I don’t have enough time to workout.” Find out how time is more than an individual issue. Rather, time is deeply rooted in the social, political, and economic context that we live in.