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We all suffer in life to some degree. That’s part of being human. However, rather than feel like we are constantly out of control and at the whims of our circumstances, we need to get consciously present, listen to our heart, and make decisions from that focal point to create a life that we desire.

Desiree Leigh Coaching is a Personal Leadership and Lifestyle Redesign Coaching and Women’s Wellness Educational Company. We work with high-achieving passionate women in midlife (40-65) who want to lead the second half of their lives with intention and integrity, reconnect with themselves, and take charge of their future.

At Desiree Leigh Coaching we support, inspire, and encourage women; we teach proven, powerful, and practical skills; and we coach to help women redesign a future they want to live into by leveraging the power of their heart.

  • Healing

    Coming into Self-Love as a Trauma Survivor

    Coming into Self Love as a Trauma Survivor, Desiree Leigh Thompson candidly shares her personal journey of developmental and sexual trauma in hopes of helping other ... Read More

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  • The Worthy
    Woman Workbook

    How to Build Lasting Self-Worth for Survivors

    An interactive book to build lasting self-worth. The Worthy Women Workbook is an interactive book that came about after publishing Healing Worthlessness ... Read More

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  • Midlife

    Women Reshaping Their Future by Leveraging the Power of Their Heart

    Women Reshaping their Future by Leveraging the Power of their Heart, Desiree Leigh Thompson urges women to re-examine their lives before it's too late... Read More

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  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Business Values

Our company is a globally respected, trusted, and leading health and wellness educational company for women empowerment that provides expert information and knowledge for women to develop, succeed, and liberate themselves. Women take back ownership to improve their quality of life, to ... Read More

Our companies’ mission is to impact and liberate the personal, professional, and financial lives of woman across the globe... Read More

Commitment: We are committed to the wellness and empowerment of women.

Boldness: We courageously create products and services, and partner with trusted alliances, that support women empowerment and women equality.

Innovation: We are at the cutting edge of new product development for women empowerment.

Diversity: We are inclusive as our brands and products.

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