Making An Informed Decision About Your Health with New Knowledge

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Making An Informed Decision About Your Health with New Knowledge

We could all benefit from a more energetic, vibrant, and healthier quality of life. There are many reasons to live a healthy lifestyle and just as many approaches to achieving it. It’s not always easy making a decision when embarking on a quest for a healthy life, but when we talk about health, should pharmaceuticals be a part of a healthy lifestyle? Do we actually know how medicine or Big Pharma began? What happened to the natural cures, the healing properties of plants and other holistic practices? Shouldn’t non-drug and non-surgical cures be discussed.

To make an informed decision about your health, you should know why prescription pharmaceuticals came about. But, let’s start with the definition of health.

Health can be defined as a state of sound body, mind, and spirit, or a state of wholeness. Most medical professionals understand health as the absence of disease and illness, rather than a state of wholeness. However, health is more than a static biomedical concept. Health is a dynamic process with multiple assumptions and understandings that evolve over time and evolve with varying professional perspectives and purposes. Although the practice of medicine views health mainly through the biomedical model, nursing views health as an evolving, holistic human experience, informed by multiple professionals (e.g., doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse, naturopathic doctor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dietitian, audiologist) recognizing the medical definition as just one aspect of health.

Promoting health is a foundation of nursing practice and it is taught in all nursing schools, but once health professionals graduate and get in the “system” such as with a provincial or federal health agency something changes from promoting and restoring health to symptom management through pharmaceuticals. There is certainly a time for prescription medications, and if I was going in for surgery, I would want to make sure I was comfortable prior to the incision and upon waking. But this concept of health – through pharmaceuticals – is not the only answer.

Moving back in time a bit. I was brought up in a family that regularly used wild medicinal plants. As a child, my grandparents seemed knowledgeable about every species I questioned—which one’s to eat and which one’s to stay away from. They made teas and coffees out of leaves and roots, respectively, made tinctures out of wild berries, and preserved or dried freshly picked mushrooms from the forest floor. They also made their own yogurt, cottage cheese, and butter, besides many other things. This lifestyle was very normal to me as a child. I still remember drinking whey and cod liver oil every morning before breakfast. I don’t think I really appreciated this way of living when I was growing up but, as I grew older, I missed it, and I understood its importance to overall health.

So, why did so much change – from natural/herbal medicines to pharmaceuticals?

It was John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller was an oil magnate, billionaire, and robber baron who was always looking to make fortunes by monopolizing huge industries. He saw an opportunity to use his petrochemicals to create pharmaceutical drugs (to be sold for a profit) for the medical industry. (Rockefeller controlled 90% of all oil refineries in the USA through oil companies). Because natural healing modalities were popular, he and an old friend Andrew Carnegie needed to devise a scheme – to revamp and centralize the medical institutions around the country by using his oil-based pharmaceuticals. Rockefeller gave hundreds of millions of dollars to the universities and hospitals to support his deeds. These institutions and their medical professionals didn’t have a problem complying when they were paid off in such large sums. Some schools merged and many closed their doors. The one’s that merged, followed a new revolutionary curriculum powered by the elite and their immense corporate wealth to create a system of medicine that better serves hegemonic and economic purposes rather than humanitarian and social needs.

With that, natural cures and natural remedies were labeled as unsafe and harmful, and anyone that spoke of them was labelled as a charlatan.

So, where do we go from here with our health?

When you read new information, you have a choice; either to continue living life in the same manner as you do now or make new choices with the new information received. During COVID19, I woke up to the manipulations, coercions, and shaming made by Big Pharma, W.H.O, the provincial and federal healthcare systems, Hollywood, and many of the power elites highly invested in the vaccine stocks. (By the way, did you know that according to the World Economic Forum that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the highest financial contributors to the WHO. That being said, Bill Gates (an investor of several pharmaceutical stocks, especially when they are being pushed onto the public) is the biggest WHO influencer!) 

Health is no longer about the wellbeing of humanity; it is about the elites profiting on humanity!  It was not difficult to see a planned agenda, and so I went on an informational hunt! I began researching many topics including the ingredients to my prescription medications such as the hormonal replacement therapy I was taking at the time. OIL was one of the ingredients in many of the prescription drugs I reviewed. I weaned myself off of them and, from there, I began looking at herbal and natural remedies. At the same time, I was really sick after I fell ill with COVID19 in early 2022. I suffered for months. My whole life changed, and I needed to find a new way.

When making a decision about your health or your families health, gather quality information. Strongly consider whether mainstream media or the elites who are highly invested in the pharmaceutical stocks and corporations for profit have your best interest. Be wise. Be vigilant. Critically think through the evidence. If you feel someone is shaming, blaming, coercing, or manipulating you to inject or ingest something, stop and think before you decide.

As a woman wellness coach and life consultant, I encourage women to be sovereign, to be knowledgeable and informed before they make health decisions. With what has happened in the world these past three+ years, I hope that many of you have awakened to the truth and did your own research. Many of us, including myself, trusted our government, the provincial, federal, state, and international public health organizations. (I even raved about them in my first published book Healing Worthlessness: Coming into Self-Love as a Trauma Survivor because I believed they were credible.) But when you understand the history and how institutions get "paid off" to promote a certain agenda for a few to profit greatly, you start seeing the light and making new choices for your own health.

As a life and wellness coach, I'm curious, so I ask a lot of questions. Asking questions stimulates conversation and debate and gets ideas flowing. A good leader employs powerful questions for the benefit of the client and the coaching relationship.

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