How Coaching Works

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The Science Behind Coaching

Science shows that by changing our thinking, we can change the neural pathways in the brain, creating new ways of seeing and interacting with the world. As coaches, we use tools and techniques that promote this neuroplasticity. With self-awareness through self-inquiry, we can create new feedback loops which trigger feelings that lead to action.

Coaching Duration

We recommend that you work with a personal life coach for a minimum of one year. Short timelines are available for individuals that have had a full year of coaching and know the intensity expected of them for a 12-week or 6-month period to achieve a particular goal. Trusting relationships also take time to build especially if you have a lot of defences, limiting beliefs, or inner blocks that hold you back.

Tapping Into Your Potential

We determine the goal you want to achieve and establish the outcome. We identify what is holding you back such as limiting beliefs and distinguish what is happening in your current life that can be a deterrent. We generate options and consider the consequences. We access your strengths and resources. We consider the amount of action you will take to achieve the results. We assess your mindset, your belief in yourself, because the amount of belief you have determines the amount of potential you will be able to tap into. Coaching is not linear. We tackle many things during each conversation.

The Many Roles of a Coach

I as your coach will be your guide, trusted role model, mentor, person of wisdom, steward, and friend who will work with you to tap into new energy and purpose, to shape new visions and plans, and to generate desired results. I am trained and devoted to guiding you into increased competence, commitment, and confidence.

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