The Worthy Woman Workbook

How to Build Lasting Self-Worth for Survivors

An interactive book to build lasting self-worth.

The Worthy Women Workbook is an interactive book that came about after Desiree Leigh Thompson publishing Healing Worthlessness: Coming into Self-Love as a Trauma Survivor. Healing Worthlessness is a courageous book about trauma and recovery, where Thompson candidly shares her story of developmental and sexual trauma in hopes of helping other survivors find their own healing paths. Thompson also addresses the global issue of intimate partner violence and the oppression of women under patriarchy. Additionally, she overviews the research behind childhood trauma and its links to adult dysfunction, repeated victimization, and chronic health repercussions.

The Worthy Women Workbook: How to Build Lasting Self-Worth outlines and elaborates on several of these concepts from the book Healing Worthlessness. The Worthy Woman Workbook, therefore, is and educational tool that is self-reflective, interactive, thought-provoking, and engaging so that the reader can gain insight into their own patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are keeping them stuck in unhealthy habits and coping strategies.

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