Healing Worthlessness

Coming into Self-Love as a Trauma Survivor

A courageous book about trauma and recovery.

For several decades, Desiree Leigh Thompson lived beneath the shadows of trauma and abuse. Having grown up in a violent, dysfunctional household and experiencing her first sexual assault at age twelve, she went on to suffer from several mental health disorders and self-destructive behaviors, forever trying to hide herself out of shame and self-loathing. All this began to change when she was divinely inspired to walk along the path to healing. Through a supportive process of self-inquiry, self awareness, and letting go, she was able to emerge, at last, into self-love.

In Healing Worthlessness, Thompson shares her story candidly in hopes of helping other survivors find their own healing paths. She also addresses the global issue of intimate partner violence, the oppression of women under patriarchy, and the social and cultural reasons why society at large often suppresses and denies stories of abuse. She also overviews the research behind childhood trauma and its links to adult dysfunction, repeated victimization, and chronic health repercussion.




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