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"Your vision will become clear only when you look in to your heart. Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens."

~Carl Jung

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Awareness is the Precursor to Change

Miracles happen everyday, but a miracle is misconstrued as something that is supernatural when in fact it is a natural process. Fundamentally, a miracle is merely a shift in perspective and the basic understandings of how life works.

In part, a miracle in the making is a process of attaining conscious perception with the ability to respond to a condition or an event with awareness. This awareness then gives you the ability to make conscious choices. As a result of conscious choices, you have the power to design the life of your dreams. You can move beyond the words "life is just happening to me" to "I make conscious decisions, and I know what I want." Welcome to the home of Awareness Life Coach and Counsellor Desiree Leigh Thompson.

As your Vancouver Life Coach, I will take you on a journey of self-discovery. We will chip the brick wall of limiting beliefs and peel the onion layers back to see what exists. With that, I will encourage and inspire you to successful living.

Are limiting beliefs holding you back from living your best?

Desiree Leigh Thompson will prompt you to the path of awareness. There, you’ll discover hidden beliefs discretely tucked away. These conditioned limiting beliefs are powerful! They tend to discredit who you really are and what you are capable of becoming. These limiting beliefs echo quietly in the mind doubting everything and fearing change such that you cannot move forward. To live a life of your dreams, transformation begins when you look within.

Desiree L. Thompson

If you don't know where you're stuck, you can't get to where you want to go.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you start something only to forget about it, and then months later, you wonder what happened to that dream only to kick yourself?

What makes you sabotage your dreams?

What are you running from?

What stops you from calling the situation as it really is?

Are you being totally and scrupulously honest with yourself and about your situation?

These are just a few questions I will ask. Working closely with me, you’ll learn how to establish positive habits and stay accountable, so that you can begin truly living knowing you are on "your" path! Attract the desires you choose into your life! The most obvious benefits of this new empowerment will be less stress and a stronger sense of inner peace. You will become enthusiastic about your life again!

Other changes you will experience:

Inner Contentment

True Values

Calm Mind

Strong Relationships

Harmony with Self!

Uncover the barriers! Release your conditioned limiting beliefs!

You might be living day-to-day without paying attention to your self, and what you really need. The roller coaster of emotions dictate perpetual destruction, when instead you should be joyfully maximizing your fullest potential!

Have you heard any of these LIES before?

Life is tough, and there is always disappointment.
Illness and senility are part of getting old.
I was born with these traits; I can't change them.
I have more experience. I know what's best.
You don't have the opportunities they do.
You will never find love in your life.

These toxic words thrust your life into bondage, paralyzing you!

“I have no time." "I am just too tired." "I’ll do it later.”

Words such as, You’re stupid! You’re dense! You’re an idiot! also have power over you, and there is little chance for inner peace.

Are You Ready?!

Are you open to new ideas? Do you have a passion for change? Are you now able to see the endless possibilities? Are you ready to capitalize on your potential? Discover the roadblocks that keep you from forging ahead.

Email me, Desiree Leigh, your Awareness Life Coach and Vancouver's Awareness Counsellor for a FREE 10 minute consultation on how we can design a life fit specifically for you.

The Choice is Yours!

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